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New Technology: Digital Menus at Sea

Recently we were alerted to a new feature gracing Royal Caribbean’s grand “Allure of the Seas“ cruise ship – a brand new digital ordering system for wine using touch screen iPad devices.

Could this mean the demise of the Sommelier?  AWG doesn’t think so, however we do marvel at the amazing convenience unlocked by this digital platform.  There are some immediate and obvious benefits to the passenger (or customer)

  • A full selection from the cellar to peruse,
  • Information and pairing suggestions,
  • A search interface so the customer can filter the available wine to suit their individual tastes,
  • Option to order food as well as wine,
  • Ordering can be completed in multiple languages

Once an order is placed, the wireless network alerts a staff member who can proceed to prepare the wine and other items.  We’ve dreamed of a more streamlined approach to menus and ordering and it seems like technology has finally matured to the point where this kind of experience is now a reality.

As we stated before, nothing replaces the experience of inspecting the bottle, or of interacting with a well seasoned professional sommelier, however we’re delighted at this new advancement and would love to see it adopted more universally.  We can only wait!

Here is the Royal Caribbean multimedia on the new system.  It is interesting to see it in operation.


For our Chinese visitors:


最近,我们在船上警惕皇家加勒比海游轮大“海洋倾城“新功能 -采用触摸屏的葡萄酒iPad的全新的数码设备订货系统。