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2006 Taylors St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon

Taylors Taylors St Andrew 

This fine evening, over an evening of cards, we unscrewed a 40th anniversary release of Taylors St Andrews (limited release) Cabernet Sauvignon from the well regarded Clare Valley in South Australia.

This bottle, in the more pricey $$-$$$ bracket was not disappointing.  Given about fifteen minutes (or perhaps more) to breathe in the bottle, the initial pour was quite outstanding.  A very nice ruby red colour (pictured above) complete with a perfumed smoky scent.

Taylors St Andrew 2006 Taylors St Andrew Cabernet

The body was quite lush and viscous, as a somewhat forceful swill was to reveal.  Even in rather cheap glasses, the wine really stood out.  Strong tannins and oak in flavour with ever so slight hints of mint and blackcurrant; with a peppery finish.

The wine on the whole was well received by all on the night, the bottle not lasting very long!

2004 McWilliams Brand’s Laira and 2009 Taylors Shiraz

Last weekend at a family event, we opened a well rested bottle of McWilliams Brand’s Laira 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra.  The wine was not decanted, but carefully poured into the glassware.

After an appropriate amount of time left to breathe, we enjoyed several glasses before moving onto our  second bottle of the evening, a 2009 Taylors Shiraz from South Australia’s Clare Valley.

Here are the tasting notes.

McWilliams Brand’s Liara

2004 McWilliams Brand’s Liara
“The Patron”
Cabernet Sauvignon

A nice flavour of berries, blackcurrant and oak.  A smoky flavour with a very nice finish, medium bodied and with a plum colour.  Perfect example of why it’s worth keeping Coonawarra Cabernet to cellar for a while, it develops a surprising complexity and depth.

Taylors Shiraz

2009 Taylors

Clare Valley

A young Shiraz, with all that comes with youth – a little tart, raw and unrefined..  However, for a young Shiraz, surprisingly well rounded, with hints of American oak.  Clare valley produces some of Australia’s best Shiraz, and even when young like this one, there’s something to be said for serving it as a second bottle.

Should improve in complexity with age, Taylors wine is usually worth a look at for a dependable table wine, and can be cellared for 5+ years in all likelihood.