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2007 Mouton Cadet (half bottle)

Mouton Cadet Last week we opened a half bottle of the 2007 vintage regional blend Mouton Cadet of the famed Baron Philippe de Rothschild estate.  The Cadet is a reasonably popular mix of various sources from the greater Medoc area in the Bordeaux appellation.

Let me start by saying we quite enjoyed the balance and nose of this wine.  Although it might be considered a little pricey for French table wine, it displayed nice character and a smooth finish.  Our bottle presented well with a nice ruby red colour and we let it breathe for about 5-10 minutes before tasting.

Having amounted around only three years of maturity (as of writing) it is hard to say how much this wine would improve with age, it is likely better to consider the Cadet a good everyday drinking wine for appreciation now. 

The Cadet also comes in a reserve variety (not tasted) which may prove a better choice for medium term cellaring.

Check back soon, as we have another two articles to post shortly – stay tuned!


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