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2012 Lark Hill Auslese Riesling



This evening Aussie Wine Guy cracked a clean bottle from Canberra Region producer Lark Hill.  This solid dessert wine is a 100% biodynamic wine, locally grown and bottled.

This noble variety is produced in somewhat small quantities due to meticulous handpicking.  There are delicate flavours to be found inside even a small glass of this liquid gold – citrus, a hint of lime, apricot/peaches and a slight mineral aftertaste make this an excellent pairing with very sweet desserts or a well stocked cheese plate.

IMG_2684_Medium  IMG_2685_Medium

2002 Lillypilly Noble Blend Sauvignon Blanc Botrytis

Lillypilly Sauvignon Blanc BotrytisHailing from the Riverina district in New South Wales, the “Noble Blend” Family Reserve comes from independent producer Lillypilly.  Perhaps somewhat overshadowed by the more widely distributed De Bortoli “Noble One”, this dessert wine is a real surprise.

Firstly, we haven’t come across a Sauvignon Blanc Botrytis in a while, and this one was a real treat.  The wine’s bouquet was a beautiful chain of sweet smelling fruits – in particular the characteristic passionfruit flavours associated with Sauvignon Blanc.

The wine presents with a beautiful rich golden colour, and a medium body.  Very well balanced, the wine tastes of apricot/honey and a variety of sweet fruit, the sugar balance is very good, not too sugary or heavy and finishes with a nice tapering aftertaste.

If you like the De Bortoli “Noble One” line of dessert wines, AWG highly recommends you taste a bottle (or three) of this surprising dessert wine from Lillypilly.

Congratulations to the fine folks at Lillypilly for winning the following trophies at the 2011 International Sweet Wine Challenge:

  • Trophy for International Sweet Wine of the Year ‐Lillypilly 2008 Noble Blend
  • Trophy for Best Mature Sweet White, Other Varieties ‐Lillypilly2008 Noble Blend
  • Trophy for Best Sweet Wine in Museum Class ‐Lillypilly 2002 Family Reserve Noble Blend