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2002 Dalwhinnie Moonambel Shiraz


On Sunday night we uncorked a bottle of 2002 Shiraz from Victorian producers, Dalwhinnie, which are located in the Grampians region.  We’ve previously reviewed Dalwhinne wines, for example the 2001 vintage Shiraz.

We first tasted the 2002 Moonambel Shiraz over dinner in Melbourne back in 2008 at a tidy establishment in the Melbourne CBD called ‘The Deanery’.  It was a splendid compliment to our meal back then, and the same vintage served over the weekend performed as admirably, perhaps even better.

Dalwhinnie 2002

Served alongside a healthy serving of roast lamb accompanied by roasted potatoes and vegetables, the wine was decanted for half an hour in a Riedel decanter and served in Riedel Vinum ‘Extreme’ Shiraz glasses.

The wine displayed a light bouquet, possibly requiring a bit longer to decant.  The colour was a very, very dark purple/red (as you can see from the photos) and the wine itself was quite polished and tasted of hints of cloves, berries and a slight twist of chocolate.  A very nice compliment to the lean lamb which was cooked to perfection.

  Dalwhinnie Shiraz

2001 Dalwhinnie Moonambel Shiraz


www.dalwhinnie.com.au  Without any wine makers notes or comments on the bottle, the consumer is
  left entirely to themselves to assess this wine.

  The 2001 Dalwhinnie Shiraz in the price range of $60 to $90 is at the high end
  of the market but proved well worth the cost, when opened for a special
  dinner recently – filet mignon, steamed vegetables and a pepper mushroom

  A lively but deep colour, a soft palate tasting of berries and black currants,
  with only a slight touch of tannins and a pleasing finish, left a feeling that this
  is a very good wine.

I suspect it will continue to cellar well for quite a few more years and develop even more complex character with further time.

I will certainly look for more of this wine.