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Tyrrell’s Wines – Hunter Valley

P2280050After lunch, we moved to our first location of the afternoon – Tyrrell’s – west of the Hunter Valley Gardens on Broke road.  Tyrrell’s has been a Hunter Valley icon for many decades, and has been in the business for over a century.  Recognised as one of the premiere vineyards in the region, Tyrrell’s produces the standard for Semillon, whom many try to emulate – few can compete.

AWG was first introduced to Tyrrell’s as a young lad, on a family day at the vineyards.  Over the years, AWG has been introduced to the Tyrrell’s vat ranges, from the phenomenal Vat 1, Vat 47 and Vat 9 through to the more recent “Lost Block” releases.  On this day, we tasted a fairly impressive range starting with Semillon.

The cellar door occupies room in part of the old winery, not far from the entrance off Broke road.  Situated on an elevated position, there are sweeping views of Brokenback ridge, several vineyards, and a great view to the north/north west.  The staff are always accommodating and often have entertaining and interesting stories to tell. 

There is a daily facility tour Mondays to Fridays at 1:30pm and costs $5 per person.  The winery is (obviously) a hot location for those wine tasting tour buses; if you are making your own itinerary, it is recommended to do your best to time your visit between the big groups, for the best experience.

White Wines

2010 Tyrrell’s Lost Block Semillon

Straw colour, citrus and lime bouquet, light, zesty, slightly acidic (tart) aftertaste.  Refreshing.

2007 Tyrrell’s Stevens Semillon

Pale gold colour, sweet perfume bouquet, well balanced, straw and citrus, resonates well on the back of the mouth, neat clean aftertaste.

2004 Tyrrell’s Vat 1 Semillon

Clean light golden colour, mild bouquet, lemon citrus, mineral finish, tangy with a tapered finish.

1999 Tyrrell’s Vat 1 Semillon

An outstanding example of carefully cared for aged Hunter Semillon.  Beautiful deep gold colour, sweet aroma, finely balanced, honeyed hue, well matured and softer semillon with medium acidity and a long finish. 

2010 Tyrrell’s Vat 47 Chardonnay

Medium pale gold colour, soft sweet taste, apricot (?) fruit, powerful, long aftertaste, low sugar, well structured, oak.

2007 Tyrrell’s Vat 47 Chardonnay

Darker than the ‘10, lighter body, peach bouquet, one to two year old French oak matured leading to a medium body, balanced and not too sweet with a long textured finish.

Red Wines

2006 Tyrrell’s Vat 6 Pinot Noir (Limited Release)

Not produced every year, this surprise has a cherry red colour, medium body with a light bouquet containing berries, fine tannins and a better body and length than the standard Pinot often provides.

2009 Tyrrell’s Lunatiq (Heathcote) Shiraz

Plum red colour, hint of spices (such as cinnamon) slightly chalky aftertaste with tannins and berries.

2009 Tyrrell’s Stevens Hunter Shiraz

A deep blood red in colour, light  to medium bodied with a bouquet of berries, nicely perfumed.  The body was a balance of cloves, spices and berries – perhaps raspberry.

2007 Tyrrell’s Vat 9 Hunter Shiraz

With a dark red-purple hue colour, the Vat 9 was a medium bodied drop with cherries, raspberry and tannins balanced y oak.  Medium finish with that oak hint, no acidity issues here – the consummate Hunter Valley Shiraz.

Tyrrell’s Wines

A Visit to Witches Falls


Witches Fallsimage

Taking a bit of time out from our tour of Bordeaux, here is a quick wine tasting report from the weekend of a vineyard in the Granite Belt in Queensland.

On the weekend we resumed the wine trail and drove the short distance to the top of Mt Tamborine and visited with Witches Falls vineyard.  They have debuted their 2007 range of Reds and a vast array of their local Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

With Durif still growing, one gets the sense that they are about ready for a real renaissance in the Granite Belt and at Witches Falls in particular.  Although the critical praise hasn’t quite arrived as yet (most vintages still rating in the low 90s from names like Halliday and company) the wine is gaining momentum and winning a few awards.

While at the vineyard and cellar door, we tasted the 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, and the 2006 Prophesy Cabernet Sauvignon of which we bought two bottles for cellaring and later consumption.

The former (2007) was very young and fresh with a nice variety of fruits and tannins and would make for easy drinking now and for the medium term.

The latter (2006) reserve was a real surprise, a dark horse if you will, with a very subtle but complex undertone and a pleasant aftertaste.  We’d like to say that the balance (perfect) and length were more restrained and deeper (less fruits, more oak).   The two wines seemed to be in different leagues, and we are left to wonder at just how much more complex the reserve will get with age.  Hence, the purchase of two bottles.

You can visit the cellar door whilst marvelling at the view west from Mt Tamborine daily from 10 am – 4 pm and they are located at 79 Main Western Road, North Tamborine QLD 4272.