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2008 Wyndham Estate bin 777 Shiraz

Wyndham Estate bin 777 ShirazHailing from well known producer Wyndham Estate, this Shiraz – blended from a variety of locations within South Australia – was a touch young upon the initial tasting.

Opened on the weekend, the wine had a decent dark red colour and a very smoky bouquet.  The first taste was very tart (along the lines of a fresh plum), however subsequent tastes mellowed (possibly due to extra aeration).

We tasted hints of plum, berries and liquorish; each drop we tasted increased in texture and body.  The aftertaste was quite decent, traces of the obvious oak tannins.

2005 Chateau Haut Bommes, 2008 Tatler Semillon Botrytis

Chateau Haut-Bommes      Tatler 'The Sticky'

Chateau Haut-Bommes (French), hailing from the appellation Sauternes south of Bordeaux city – we brought this bottle back from France as a gift for our friend Paul.  Opened this evening, unfortunately following a Semillon Botrytis!

Light straw coloured, very light but pungent bouquet – a perfumed scent with hints of honey.  Very light body with a rather more intense follow through.  Tastes of light citrus and (again) a light honey flavour with a slightly elevated acidity which slightly hits the mouth.

Followed by more of the Lovedale (Hunter Valley, New South Wales) gem, Tatler, and their consistently winning Semillon Botrytis simply called “The Sticky”.  The beautiful dark gold colour is offset by a very subtle bouquet, the wine is a fruit sensation.  Paul labelled it as so: “sweet, but not sickly..  but sweet enough to not appear watery or lack intensity”.

AWG heartily agrees!  The Tatler ‘The Sticky’ Semillon Botrytis is certainly a winning combination of geography and craftsmanship.  It does evoke a sense of ice wine-like qualities in terms of the depth of fruit and layers of flavour.  If you enjoy a sweet wine which has strong fruit overtones, you may well enjoy a bottle (or more).