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2000 Balgownie Estate Shiraz

Balgownie EstateTasting notes

This is a wine that has gone beyond its prime, however still reflects some of the original quality.

Nose:  little.
Colour: has retained the deep purple colours.
Taste: has lost some of the vibrant fruit flavour.
Feel: as expected the aging process has been kind and revealed a smooth and soft mouth feel.

General comments

If you have a bottle of this wine open it now as it can still be enjoyed. After 2 hours opened more of the fruit plum flavours became evident.

Eaten with: Cajun rump steak, ginger broccoli and garlic potato wedges.
Next time try with: BBQ pork ribs baby carrots in balsamic and honey with baked sweet potato.

Web: Balgownie Estate

2000 Peter Lehmann Stonewell Shiraz


On the weekend we opened a bottle of Peter Lehmann’s Stonewell Shiraz (2000) from the lovely Barossa Valley in South Australia.  The Stonewell is an attractive Barossa wine which is selected and blended from a number of small regional vineyards.  Consequently, a little about the 2000 vintage:

Fruit Sources: Low yielding vineyards in the Stonewell, Kalimna,
                     Koonunga, Ebenezer and Greenock districts of the Barossa Valley.

What we first noticed about the wine was the excellent bouquet – a real sensation – it was very hard to put into words how attractive it was, intense – traces of currants, chocolate or similar.

The wine had excellent colour, a full body (nicely complex) with a most agreeable aftertaste (very smooth).  I’d have to say it was well balanced (not overly acidic, yet not underwhelming by any stretch) and, as a good Shiraz should do, was very well crafted in terms of taste, strength and complexity.

This is par for the course for good quality Barossa Shiraz and I’d recommend to fans of the Penfold’s range (Kalimna & Koonunga Hill in particular).  Giving the wine time to breathe is highly recommended, especially after a decent interval (bottled in 2002).