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2002 Galafrey Frankland River Shiraz

While sorting through my chaotic wine fridge, I came upon this bottle from winemaker Galafrey which was at least 4 years older than most of the others.  Being 11 years old and not noted by the wine maker as a cellaring wine, I was sceptical about opening it at dinner that night.

It was a pleasant surprise when the wine was decanted and a good deep earthy red colour gave way to a pleasant but not powerful aroma.

On tasting there were light berry flavours with a hint of spice. It was very easy to drink with light tannins and a soft finish. There was no hint of it being past its date and I suspect it could have stayed in the wine fridge for a few more years. All told I was very happy with it.

\Galafrey Galafrey Shiraz