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2007 Penfolds Grange Bin 95: a Taste

[AWG: A big welcome to new contributor Ted who writes from his trip to New Zealand.]

2007 Grange2007 Penfolds Grange Tasting Notes

“The bouquet of the wine changed over the first 5 minutes of airing the wine in the glass.  It went from spice and berries, to cut tobacco and then a hint of freshly cut grass.  The wine is still very young, zesty almost – like a young Australian Shiraz should be.  On the palate, earthy tones, and hints of the heavy booming wine it will become.  Don’t open the 2007 Grange for another 20 years!

I paid $30NZD for 25ml taste, and I took 50ml.  They put the bottles on a machine that uses argon to seal them, and sell tastes.“


Penfolds Grange  Wine Dispenser

More information: Geospike
Video of the tasting: YouTube

[ AWG Notes: The same technology has been recently introduced onto some of the high end cruise ships and has proven popular and quite profitable! ]