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Aussie Wine Guy is all about wine – Shiraz, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot and Riesling to name but a few.  However we are also about the world of wine, and we like to sample, review and write about anything wine related including gourmet food, wine related travel and tourism as well as food and wine pairing and wine accessories.

That’s why we’d like to help by providing advertising space on the Aussie Wine Guy website.  We would like to help publicize and highlight good products and services relating to the wine industry and advertising revenue helps keep our costs down.  Advertising also helps our readers to locate quality wine, wine experiences and wine accessories.


If you’d like to send some samples for the Aussie Wine Guy team to review, please check out our Submissions Guidelines.

If you have an exceptional wine or wine related product or service and you’d like to advertise on the Aussie Wine Guy website (or at any of our wine related events in the near future) please get in touch via email at the following address:

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