Decanting a 40 year old bottle of port


At the very start of 2015, Aussie Wine Guy was a guest at regular contributor Ted’s wedding in Melbourne, Australia.  It was my honour to be responsible for the careful decanting of a precious 40 year old bottle of port from Rutherglen stalwart Stanton & Kileen.

The bottle had been bought for Ted by his father, when he was born (sorry Ted, it does give away your age!).  Needless to say, the task of removing the cork without tainting the bottle was not easy, but was managed very carefully with skill and focus.

                             AsmineAndTed_Wedding_Day2_20150103_121730_01739 AsmineAndTed_Wedding_Day2_20150103_122314_01764

Aussie Wine Guy is proud to bring you these photos from the uncorking and decanting of the 40 year old port, courtesy of Michael Weinhardt photography, who were the official photographers at the wedding reception.

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