Chateauneuf du Pape and a Victorian Shiraz


2006 Clefs des Papes Chateauneuf du Pape  (Rhone, France)

This is a typical French red wine, very pleasant to drink on any occasion and with most types of food, except the spicier foods.  It has a nice crimson colour and a lighter body compared to our heavier Australian reds.

There are hints of coffee and earthy flavours in the nose and berry fruits on the palate.  It has a soft finish and appealed well to our ladies while the men found it appealing but some preferred our stronger charactered reds. It would probably cellar for a few more years.


2009 Taltarni Shiraz (Pyrenees, Victoria)

One of my favourite wines, this good strong red from the hills of Victoria was consumed at a family dinner where it accompanied rare roast lamb to perfection.  Dark plum colour with berry fruit aroma and a spicy, slightly peppery palate this wine appealed to all diners.  A good cellaring wine for up to 10 years and at a medium price, this is a  wine well worth keeping more than a couple in your cellar or wine rack.

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