A Boxed Bordeaux Trio

IMG_6728Yesterday we took receipt of a box of wine from a Bordeaux co-op, unmistakable from the label: “Mis En Bouteille Par L.G. A F 33540”. 

The box contained recent vintages from the following labels:

  • 2011 Chateau Droulet
  • 2012 Chanteau les Grands Frênes
  • 2011 Chateau Meyraud

All three come from the Bordeaux Appellation (Appellation Bordeaux Contrôlée) and bear the designation of either ‘Grand Vin De Bordeaux’ or ‘Vin De Bordeaux’.  The vineyards here appear to be similar to ones we visited south of Bordeaux when we visited back in 2009.

IMG_6727  IMG_6726

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