Inniskillin 2005 (Vidal) Sparkling ice wine


Nectar of the gods.  This evening we opened a bottle of 2005 sparkling vidal ice wine from producer Inniskillin in the Niagara region of eastern Canada.  We’ve had Inniskillin ice wine in the past, and it has always served as a great example of ice wine from Canada.

This was the first variety of ice wine we’ve tasted which has been sparkling, it adds a different dimension to the golden syrup.

Inniskillin Ice Wine

Served chilled, the wine was predictably a beautiful deep gold colour, with a fairly viscous body (“sticky”) and a smell of.. apples.  In fact, the bubbles seemed to highlight specific fruit tones over others.

Aside from the strong bouquet of fruit which normally one would find in a half decent drop of Canadian (or German) ice wine, the strong hint of apple and apricot was quite noticeable.

Inniskillin Ice Wine and Glass

We enjoyed the wine, as expected, however the jury is out on whether sparkling adds or detracts from the ice wine experience.  It was certainly a different drinking experience – we’d need to taste sparkling and non-sparkling next to each other for a review of greater detail and accuracy.

One thing is for certain: there’s no substitute for Canadian ice wine, though many have (and are) trying!

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