Chateau Tahbilk 1979 Cabernet Sauvignon

TahbilkEvery now and then, Aussie Wine Guy has access to vintage Australian wine.  Today we carefully uncorked a bottle of 1979 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon from renown Victorian producer Tahbilk in the Goulburn Valley region.

These days, non-French wineries are not supposed (allowed?) to use French terms, so the term Chateau and Hermitage are no longer in active use.  The vineyard is actually still producing wine to this day, under the name Tahbilk.

This wine, estate bottled, was acquired at an auction earlier in the year.  It displayed excellent ullage and no signs of seepage or cork distress.  Quite unusual for a 30+ year old wine, the bottle condition (including the label) is quite ideal, although certainly not cellared in a climate controlled environment.

Tahbilk Cabernet Sauvignon  Tahbilk 1979

We were able to extract the cork without corking the wine – a one-step process using a simple waiter’s friend.  The key was to lift from the centre of the cork, not placing any stress or pressure on any one side.  Although the cork split a little, it was extracted without any dramas.

Tahbilk 1979  Tahbilk 1979 Vintage

The fruit flavours within the bottle came immediately to our attention; a harmony of currants and a smoky flavour.  We double decanted into a second decanter to ensure that all the sediment was filtered out. 

Tahbilk 1979 Bottle  Tasting

Check back soon for the tasting notes, once the wine has been given a few hours to breathe..

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