Sydney Wine-Ark Tasting Evening (Part 2)

Continuing on from Part 1.. notes from last Thursday’s Wine-Ark Cellar Club wine tasting evening.

There three in our party, and I recorded the feedback from each of us after each tasting.

After our introductory wine, importer James Johnson introduced several of his specially imported 2009 Burgundy labels, which we dived into.

2009 – Girardin Puligny-Montrachet (Vieilles Vignes)

Light gold colour with a citrus and passionfruit bouquet.  Crisp taste, light with a fruity flavour, undertones of lime and lemon.  Short aftertaste.  All enjoyed.

2009 – Girardin Santenay (Vieilles Vignes)

Light cherry red in colour; light chocolate bouquet with mineral taste and sharp chalky finish.  Perhaps a bit overly oaked, long dry aftertaste – untapered.  We agreed it might show much promise with cellaring and decanting.

2009 – Girardin Gevrey-Chambertin (Vieilles Vignes)

Plum red in colour, sweet blackcurrant and cloves with a hint of flavour of liquorice.  Medium tannins, French oak with a medium aftertaste.  Enjoyed by two of the three in our party.

Next, Wine Ark’s Cellar Club Director, Gavin Lennard, to introduce Best’s Great Western labels, from the Grampians region of Victoria.  Of particular note here are the bin 0 and bin 1 Shiraz (marking one of the few times we’ve enjoyed Shiraz in binary).

2011 – Best’s Great Western Riesling

Extremely light in colour, sweet and very reminiscent of strong passionfruit in the bouquet.  The drop tasted essentially like ‘fruit salad’; apricot overtones, very sugary with a crisp, medium finish.  One out of three in the party gave the thumbs up (perhaps a little too sweet).

2010 – Best’s Great Western  Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark red/cherry colour with a very smokey bouquet and mineral/charcoal texture and a strong hint of red currants.  Medium body, even balance and medium finish.  Enjoyed by two out of three.

2010 – Best’s Great Western Bin 1 Shiraz

Ruby red in colour with sweet raspberry flavours.  Slightly chalky texture with a blunt but full body and tastes of blackberry.  Long finish, and well balanced.  Two out of three approved.

2009 – Best’s Great Western Bin 0 Shiraz

The best of the Best’s for the evening (in my humble opinion), blood red in colour, liquorice and blackcurrant bouquet leading to red currants and a well crafted body.  A slightly lighter finish, but very nicely balanced and should improve with age and maturity.  All three in the party enjoyed this wine.

Check back for Part 3 when we review the Clonakilla line-up and discuss Tim Kirk’s excellent knowledge of the Bordeaux styles which influence wine growing at Clonakilla.

Wine reviewed is available from the following sites:

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