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P8088431 We’ve made a few recent purchases which will soon be appreciated – and reviewed – here on Aussie Wine Guy. 

In addition to the two new Riedel glasses, from the new “Wine” series collection, we have a new bottle from the Graves region of Bordeaux –
Chateau Tour des Graves, 2006.

Although summer is well upon us, we’ve had a great chance to dip into some excellent red wine as well as a generous helping of white as well. 

imageLast weekend, Aussie Wine Guy went to an event hosted in Binjiang where
we enjoyed Australian Chardonnay from Wolf Blass in addition to a very well presented Cabernet Sauvignon from an area which is really going ahead – Chile.

This hot season is also a great time to enjoy chilled Pinot Noir or a nice Merlot  
(if the mood strikes), however lately it has been reaching into Verdelho territory, and there’s nothing like finishing up a weekend sitting about with a perfectly balanced Sémillon in your hands!


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