2006 Chateau Tour des Graves

Chateau Tour des GravesCompleting our three bottle French wine series for October is the 2006 Chateau Tour
des Graves which we opened last week.

Bearing the words ‘élevé et mis en bouteille à Bordeaux par’ we find ourselves with another Bordeaux grown and bottled release from winemaker Michel Baudet – although
as opposed to the Margaux we recently reviewed this may not have been bottled at the vineyard, but perhaps in nearby Bordeaux.

In researching French wine labels (quite an art form in itself) I came across this excellent website which is highly recommended for anyone who is interested
in French wine.

This ‘Grand vin de Bordeaux’ (first label) was acquired in early August and has been sitting with us for a little while.  You can learn more about first and second label wine from Wikipedia.

As I was preparing to write this review I was a little startled to find that there was approximately a third of a glass (or perhaps less) still in the original bottle (undoubtedly an oversight) and that the bottle had remained sealed since the opening.

Thus, I can report that even after all this time, the wine still exhibits a remarkable bouquet (in fact it now smells like a young port), perhaps even accentuated by the longer exposure.

Referring back to the original tasting, this particular bottle was quite stronger (or complex) than the previous two bottles with excellent structure and depth.

Chateau Tour des GravesFor a Bordeaux blend (typically led by a strong Cabernet) this wine has produced a decent body with blackcurrant undertones and sultanas (that chocolate fruit taste) and a highly stylized (crafted) aftertaste, one might say a pleasurable encore.

Although listed at 12.5% alcohol I thought (at the time) that our particular bottle – after breathing – might have been slightly higher.

Thus far, what we’ve seen of the 2006 vintage has been pretty decent.  It feels like the even numbered years have been more or less quite rewarding for the red wine of the Gironde region.

For the recent period, AWG is partial to 2000, 2004 and 2006 from Bordeaux (for Red wine).  There are always exceptions to the rule, and while lamenting on the Bordeaux wines we’ve had in the past two years we have to admit the 2005 Chateau Pontet-Canet certainly warrants serious consideration (despite being from an odd-numbered year).  It just goes to show that there aren’t really strict rules when it comes to wine.. perhaps just rules of thumb!

At any rate, we’ve come to the end of our three bottle Bordeaux run.  You may look forward to some more local Australian reviews shortly as we take an early look towards the 2008 vintages.

For our Chinese visitors:



字样 ‘élevé et mis en bouteille à Bordeaux par’ 我们找到另一个种植和酿酒波尔多米歇尔Baudet瓶装释放自己 – 虽然


虽然列在12.5%的酒精我认为(当时)我们这一特定瓶 – 后呼吸 – 可能是稍微高一些。


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