2006 Chateau Bellerose Figeac

Chateau Bellerose Figeac Last night we cracked open a bottle of the 2006 Chateau Bellerose Figeac from Saint-Emilion in the Bordeaux region of southern France.   Like most French red table wines from the region, this vintage is primarily Merlot and displayed a fine sweet perfumed bouquet.

We let it breathe in the bottle for about fifteen minutes before serving into Riedel “O” series (stem less) glasses.  The colour was a very nice rouge, and on the first taste was a little tart.  However, on subsequent tastings the wine (after breathing for longer) proved quite a bit more robust.

Not a bad drop given the price range, this nice Merlot would make a nice accompaniment with French and Italian cuisine.  Recommended for fans of Merlot and for those just breaking into red wine.

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