A Riesling, and two Bordeaux

Last night we finally opened up the small collection of bottles we’ve accrued over the past month in a nice session starting with an enjoyable Riesling from Alsace.

A. Zirnhelt  A. Zirnhelt – Riesling (2008)

  This bottle was brought to our place by our friend from the US, and was the perfect
  way to start the night.

  As it is summer, and rather humid, this drop hit the spot.  Unlike Australian Riesling,
  this Alsace was a bit less sweet – which is a good thing!

  It was slightly better balanced than the average Riesling and had a very light taste
  of lemongrass, with citrus overtones.

Calvet Bordeaux 
J Calvet Bordeaux – Reserve De L’Estey – 2006
Grand Vin de Bordeaux

Although it is summer, who can pass up a Bordeaux?  This is no first growth, to be sure, but hardly disappointing! 

The Margaux region is a wonderful area for Cabernet Sauvignon, and is home to the world famous Chateau Margaux.  This Calvet reserve, grown in the Margaux region comes from the same pedigree as the more famous brands.

The bouquet was a little underwhelming, however this was well and truly made up by the excellent tannins and full body, followed by a pleasant aftertaste of mild blackcurrant didn’t hut either.

Calvet Bordeaux Classic – 2006 (half bottle)

Finally, to polish off the evening, we opened a complimentary bottle of the Calvet brand which essentially forms a blend of grapes from the Bordeaux region.  It was a little young, but showed some potential, perhaps requiring just a little longer in the bottle – or perhaps a little longer to breathe.  Honestly, this was a great little drop to wind down the night (in lieu of a dessert wine).

All in all, a very pleasant night, and some good wines to wrap up a mild summer weekend.  Stay tuned, we have a few more bottles to come.

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