2004 Château Montrose

Château Montrose

On the weekend we selected a bottle of the 2004 Château Montrose (a second growth from the Saint Estèphe appellation) to accompany our dinner on Saturday night. 

It was a very subtle, long Red with (I am told) a very nice bouquet (I was unfortunately unable to smell that evening!) but the wine did have an elegant finish.

We tasted undertones of chocolate with traces of blueberry, and subtle tannins, I think this would be an excellent wine for the wine drinker making the transition away from straight Pinot or Merlot as it is deceptively silken and refined.  Well balanced, if perhaps a touch light on the palate.

Clearly not as full bodied as the 2003, the 2004 is a fine accompaniment to a main meal, but probably won’t play the feature of the meal.  Not a bad choice, especially if it can be acquired at a discount.

Later, on Sunday, we acquired two new Bordeaux brands to try; a half-bottle of Chateau Leoville Barton (1995) and a bottle of the Chateau Grand-Puy-Lacoste (2004) – check back for reviews as they are consumed 🙂

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