2009 Anniversary Wine – 2006 Chateau Lafite Rothschild

lafiteThis year’s anniversary wine was purchased in Paris, France when
  AWG was on holidays through the French countryside. 

  Given the opportunity, we acquired a very nice (temperature
  controlled) 2006 Lafite which shall be nurtured carefully over the next
  decade or more.

  For those familiar with great Bordeaux first growths, you’ll know that
  Chateau Lafite is one of the most sought after estates in the region. 

  Consistently producing big bold wines, a taste of a Lafite is considered
  a highlight for any fans of Bordeaux wine.  We couldn’t resist.

The official Lafite website has the following to say about this excellent estate:

“The quality of Château Lafite Rothschild needs no introduction. As early as 1815, Abraham Lawton had already designated it as leader: ‘I ranked it as being the most elegant and delicate, with the finest body of the three (leading wines)” he qualified in 1855. As to Château Lafite’s attributes found in all vintages, it was an enlightened amateur that summed it up best by saying “…whatever the case, all the Château Lafite wines have an almond and violet aroma!’”

For the 2006 vintage, the official site suggests:

Vintage 2006

Winter was colder and wetter than the previous vintages. This was followed by a rather warm spring and July that led to early veraison and good ripening. August was then colder but September was sunny, except for the stormy episode mid-September that sped up the harvest more rapidly than expected but in good conditions.

Very dark and beautiful colour. Discreet nose with primary notes that develop in ampleness and density. Quite powerful on the palate with a very good structure and nice tannic finish with integrated woody tones.”

We can’t wait (an understatement) to uncork this milestone wine some time in the future!  If you’ve tasted a Lafite Rothschild before, please leave us a comment describing your experiences.

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