2006 Anniversary Wine – 1996 Henschke Hill of Grace

HoG Way back in 2006, our chosen anniversary wine was the 1996 Henschke Hill of Grace, which
   followed our previous years’ selection of a vintage (2005) 1976 Penfolds Grange.

   It might be a good time to explain what these “anniversary wines” are all about.  Way back in In
   2005 Aussie Wine Guy got married (to Aussie Wine Gal?) and we decided to start a tradition. 

   So each year, around our anniversary (in September) we purchase one bottle of a premium (or
   super premium) bottle of wine, typically a Shiraz or a blend.  Usually we expect to part with
   several hundred dollars (as a sort of once off annual purchase).

   The idea is that we will start to open and drink the anniversary wines starting in 2015 (our tenth wedding anniversary) onwards.  Well, while we can afford to buy the wine we guess!

So the anniversary wine for 2006 was the Henschke Hill of Grace.  We’ve previously tasted the 1998 and 1999 vintages and they were quite superb (especially the 1998) so we have high hopes that the ‘96 will be ready to drink when the time comes. 

For more on the Hill of Grace vintage, take a look at the 2007 anniversary wine entry.

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