For Sale: Wooden Wine Rack with Drawer

Hello Readers,

Notice: This unit has now been sold!

We don’t often advertise directly on the Aussie Wine Guy website, but as we’ve personally owned this rack for over ten years, we felt compelled to give it a bit of publicity for anyone in the market for something nice.

This excellent 16+ bottle wine rack was briefly available for sale, which had capacity to handle the larger style Bordeaux red wine bottles (Champagne size) to the smaller white wine bottles. There was extra storage along the bottom and a very large wooden drawer on top to store all your wine accessories.

We had this rack since our early days in Sydney, but the need for it was superseded by the purchase last year of a new 166 bottle wine fridge from Costco. This rack was a really nice item though, visually it was well crafted and quite solid. It has held countless bottles over the years, and we never had any issues fitting it in – until now. We were forced to part with it as we wouldn’t have had enough space at our new location at the end of the year.

IMG_4867_thumb  IMG_4868_thumb  IMG_4871_thumb

           IMG_4869_thumb  IMG_4870_thumb

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