Costco Wine Fridge Manual

P9018441There’s been quite some demand for a soft copy of the wine fridge manual, so we’ve taken the liberty of scanning and uploading a copy to the Aussie Wine Guy website.

This is the manual for the “Grand Cru” Compressor Wine Cooler, available and distributed through Costco locations in Australia.

We’ll attempt to e-mail copies to readers who have left comments asking for copies.

Here’s a scan of the wine fridge manual

Picture of the label on the box

3 thoughts on “Costco Wine Fridge Manual”

  1. I have the Grand Cru and it had been working fantastically however just recently the temp true for both levels is locked on 25 deg Celsius. I have tried a number of ways to change but no luck. Also when I unlock the control panel I touch the level control for adjusting the top or bottom and my original temps come up then it relocks at 25 degrees again. Can you advise what I can do. If not please send manual.

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