Dec 022013


Tonight accompanied by a spicy spaghetti bolognaise, AWG and family sat down to enjoy a glass or two of the 2009 d’Arenberg “Sticks & Stones” from McLaren Vale in South Australia.

This spicy blend marries some intriguing grape varieties – grenache, temperanillo, souzao and tintacao to splendid effect.  This young, vibrant wine created a very bold, juicy bouquet which almost overpowered the glass.


As expected, the wine itself matched the impact of the bouquet, with a very long and tennin filled body, smokey with currants and heavy (and spicy) fruits, like a young Shiraz, but sculptured by the grenache.

This will be enjoyed thoroughly by those who treasure young Shiraz, Durif or those who like to pair red wine to spicy food.  Would keep for up to 5-8 years easily.


Aussie Wine Guy

Aussie Wine Guy has been a wine enthusiast for over fourteen years, mainly interested in Australian, New Zealand and French wineries, but in recent years has extended his interests to include North and South American, South African and European table wines. He and his wife currently reside in Canberra, Australia after having lived in Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane as well as abroad in Vancouver, Canada and HangZhou, China.

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