Jun 102013

Tempus Two

This evening we uncorked a fine Zinfandel from Hunter winery Tempus Two.  This variety, sourced from a vineyard out at Orange displayed an excellent bouquet, sweet on the nose.

The wine had traces of chocolate and spices, with a brilliant and perhaps a smokey aftertaste perhaps caused by a hint of cloves.

Our wine was paired to a delicious meal of roast lamb with mixed vegetables – the perfect antidote for a cold winter’s evening with great company.

We followed this revelation with a drop of Canberra Region’s Lark Hill and their always pleasing 2010 Auslese Riesling.  This dessert wine was a real treat in concert with a few scoops of passionfruit sorbet.

Tempus Two Zinfandel Lark Hill
Tempus Two

Aussie Wine Guy

Aussie Wine Guy has been a wine enthusiast for over fourteen years, mainly interested in Australian, New Zealand and French wineries, but in recent years has extended his interests to include North and South American, South African and European table wines. He and his wife currently reside in Canberra, Australia after having lived in Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane as well as abroad in Vancouver, Canada and HangZhou, China.

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