Sep 042013

Jim BarryThis evening we carefully decanted a bottle of Jim Barry “The Benbournie”, a very nice Cabernet Sauvignon from the excellent Clare Valley region in South Australia.

This quality red wine provided us with a very pleasing bouquet – a solid plum, blackcurrant and a hint of spices.  Given the age (with about 6 years of cellaring), this 13 year old Cabernet had matured well in the bottle.

In respect of the age and quality, we decanted the entire bottle into a Riedel decanter and let it breathe for over an hour before serving.  We used Riedel Cabernet glasses from the VInum series.

We especially liked the tapered aftertaste, which lingered on the palate making for a most pleasing drinking experience.  Nice ruby red colour and medium to light bodied finish.

Another excellent release from Jim Barry wines, we’re adding it to the stellar list of vintages, lead by their flagship ‘The Armagh’ Shiraz.

The 2002 vintage is drinking now and for at least 4-6+ years, possibly longer.

You can also review the winemaker’s tasting notes for this vintage here.

Benbournie Jim Barry Benbournie

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